Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh so girly!

When did Mia turn into such a girl? I mean... she's a baby one day, then she's a girl, who loves dolls, brushes, jewelry, and chatting with girlfriends.

Brushes are fun to fix your hair and eat.

Beads! Its all the rage.

Girlfriend, let me tell you...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting there...

So I feel like we're finally getting somewhere on the sleeping issue. Several times in the last week, Mia has slept all night (7:30pm-6-6:30am). It hasn't been consecutive, unfortunately, and she'll probably wake up several times tonight, just for this post, but hey, its progress, right?

Napping has been a bit weird. She had dropped her evening nap, but has now had to take a 30 minute or so nap around 5... she just can't make it. So odd, as most kids her age are taking 2 naps. But she's happy, and I'm happy.

She drinks out of a sippy cup now. Straw cups are her favorites, which is awesome since her pedi recommends them. But she won't drink breast milk out of the cup (or bottle, or anything). As soon as she tastes it, she's all... this is not where milk comes from. BUT, she's been able to go to bed without the milk on Monday nights when I'm at dance. Of course, she doesn't sleep all night those nights...

So things are getting easier, on some fronts anyway. At 11 months (October 29) we start weaning her. I can't believe that's only 1 1/2 months away. I'm sad, but also looking forward to a night away... ahhhh!

Here's some fish faces for those only wanting pictures. ;)

The flash! My eyes!

Fish lips in progress...


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Peek-a-boo Mia

Mia has become fascinated with Peek-a-boo! She especially loves when she can hold the blanket (burp rag, towel, placemat, whatever) and drop it down to surprise you! That's what she was doing this day when she decided to crawl off with the blanket. :)

Where's Mia?


Aaagh! The blanket monster!

Mia says: Gotcha!

Eh, I'm done with this peek-a-boo stuff. I have more important things to do. Like attack this seahorse!