Monday, September 22, 2008

Holding Patterns...

Yeah. Sorry about the no updating thing. We are still without power in our house (10 days now... or something?). We've been out of our house for 12. We've been staying with Nonnie and Granddad who have a generator that runs the whole house and room for us. Though, it's not run for the entire day, so Internet time is scarce.

As soon as we have power we're moving back in since everything is livable and I'll get back to updating you more often on the adventures of M-4.

Many people have been asking us how we are doing. Well, I think our emotions swing from being incredibly, ridiculously grateful for how blessed we are (cause it could have been a lot worse) to being very weary and frustrated and just plain tired. We're ready to go home, obviously. This experience has been such a roller-coaster.

But, I think it has given us a whole new compassion for people that have been displaced from their homes. I mean, we're working on only 12 days, and we've been living in really nice conditions, considering. I cannot even imagine the frustration, helplessness, hopelessness, and weariness of having to stay out for weeks and stay in overcrowded shelters. My heart goes out to everyone in that position. Please keep praying for everyone in the Houston/Galveston/Beaumont area as we try to get back to "normal." Or maybe just how things were with a little more compassion, patience, and appreciation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

I apologize for not updating sooner. I think that the week was just so much, and there was so much updating by verbal words, that I couldn't bring myself to type also. Here's the scoop.

Ike roared through our area, but to our east... which meant we got the much less destructive side (which does seem like an oxy moron when it comes to hurricanes doesn't it?). We thank everyone who prayed... in the end we needed them!

On Saturday, we got a report that our neighbors carport blew onto our roof. From the first reports from my father-in-law (which were given to him by his brother), it appeared that parts of the carport might have actually impaled our roof. Mark and I prepared ourselves to not have a home to go back to, all the while praying that it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

Throughout the day, we continued hearing reports... better and better! As it turns out, not even a single shingle was missing, damaged, or scratched. The parts that fell on our roof were so heavy that Mark's brother could not remove them himself (and he's not a puny guy, people!). Amazing. Thank you, Lord!

So, yes, we have a home. Our fence is damaged in one spot and we have limbs everywhere. Power has not been restored but we are thankful for running water. Our family has been able to take care of our freezers so we haven't lost too much food. We'll be headed home today to assess the damage and begin clean-up. More than likely, it'll be awhile before power is back on, so we'll be at Mark's parent's house.

Please continue to pray for the Houston and Galveston areas. People have lost their homes and lives. And it's becoming a scary places at times with looting and people losing their minds. Pray for peace, patience, and that things will return to semi-normal soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby's First Evacuation

Ah, Ike. Thanks for wanting to visit the Brazoria County area. It is a very nice place but, well, you weren't exactly invited.

Hurricane Ike, as of now, as his sights set on our little slice of Texas. Yes, it could still move back south and yes, it could pull a Rita and head to East Texas. But for now we have already headed out and are safe in Austin, TX.

Our house is boarded up, and we are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. Please send your prayers to whoever will be affected by the hurricane.

I'll update with more information as we have it and with some fun pictures, too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meeting Marble

I haven't written a lot about this pregnancy. Possibly because let's just be honest... a cute toddler is infinitely more exciting than the antics of a fetus or the hormone-induced ramblings of the mom.

But mostly because, man, this pregnancy just never felt real. I mean, yes, I was sick, I am hormonal, I have heard the heartbeat... but it has never really sunk in. It just happened so easily, ya know? I mean, we thought about being pregnant and bam! 2 pink lines. It was so much harder and there were so many more struggles, tears, and questions trying to get Mia. I guess I had a hard time actually believing my dreams of conceiving easily actually happened? That God blessed us that much?

Apparently He did.

Meet Marble. The cutest little Skeletor baby ever.
Marble putting its fingers to its* mouth.
Laying on its side... the head looks like it is on a pillow of sorts. You can see the arm and ribs.
Look Ma! 2 hands!

Laying on its stomach.

* We have decided to keep the sex of this baby a secret, as we did with Mia. It is much easier to write "it" for the baby rather than he/she or his/her all the time. We apologize if this deeply offends anyone and humbly ask them to come up with a better neuter pronoun for the English language.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mia Newt!

Guest post by Mark (aka "Daddy")

This is an example of the randomness of Mia.

Tonight, after her bath, 'jaybird' Mia and I played in the living room with some new soft nerf-like balls that Melissa bought (for just $0.25!!!). We threw them to each other, at each other, and then we counted them. Mia pretended to be Zee (our dog that now lives at my parents house) and started putting one of the balls in her mouth. Then she suddenly remembered that we had Zee's blue ball outside. So we talked it over and decided that Mia should take this ball to Zee at Nonnie and Granddad's house. So we get her dressed and then go outside to get the ball for Zee.

On the way back in, we notice a newt on the wall in the garage. I point out the 'lizard' on the wall and when I got inside I told Melissa about the 'newt.' Mia then breaks the news to us that she was, in fact, a newt. I asked Mia if she could walk on the walls. She started thinking and then told us, "Mia wall, Mia newt." I told her that I didn't understand and she started to get upset. She was pointing to her room, so I asked her to show me. She points at the letters on the wall - "M" "I" "A". Then she tells me again, "Mia wall, Mia newt." I just about fell on the ground laughing... since her name was on the wall, she thought she was a newt!

(I don't know if this is actually that funny to you, but I was very impressed with her reasoning... which probably says a lot about me!)