Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Year

At 2:43pm today, Mia was officially 1 year. Its amazing, how much they grow and change in a year. She's now walking, starting to talk, understanding what you say to her, answering questions, and asserting her own personality and likes and dislikes. She's a little person now!

She's gone from this:

To This:

She looks like she's up to something...

In her spunky new hat

I'm a big girl now!

Of course, right after that picture... the hat was off. :)

Happy Birthday, Mia Joy. Your name is fitting. You have brought so much joy to our lives this year. We pray your next year be even more fun. We can't wait to watch you grow and change.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

End of an Era

And, just like that, we are done nursing.

Technically, we've been done for a week. I nursed Mia for the last time on Monday, November 19th. It was a sweet time... we turned off the TV and just cuddled and talked. Mia seemed to sense something was up because she nursed for longer and didn't claw, pull my hair, or try to poke my eyes out. It's a lovely memory.

The plan was to continue nursing Mia until her 1st birthday on the 29th... but she wasn't asking for milk anymore. She wasn't even coming to me or excited when I asked her if she wanted to nurse. Once she shook her head "No" and continued playing with her books. So I figured she was ready.

She hasn't had any trouble adjusting. She drinks her cows milk out of her cup. There have been no tears, no fights. Its really been a lot easier than I ever expected.

My baby girl is growing up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Puny Pony (and other things)

Hi! Still here. Between weaning and Mia's changing nap schedule, I haven't really had much blog time. She's decided that napping for more than an hour in the morning is for the birds. Plus, she's had a cold for a couple weeks. Thank God she's feeling better now. Mark is sick, now, though, so I'm hoping its not going to come back around to us!

Weaning is going waaaay better than anyone ever expected around here. For a girl that hated all things cup and bottle-like, she sure has taken the switch pretty well. This week, we're only nursing one time a day. We dropped the night-time feeding first, since she's able to go to bed easily when I'm at dance without nursing (has for months, since she wouldn't take a bottle). We'll see how it goes tonight. But this morning, if I hadn't offered it, I'm pretty sure she would have been fine without nursing. huh.

Here's some pictures of her first ponytail. Its pretty puny... but it gets the job done! And her hair out of her eyes.

Not so sure of the pony...

Oh I look cute? Okay, pony it is!

She's realized she can take her pants off if she steps out of them... uh oh!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Mia had a fantastic first Halloween. We don't really do a lot of celebrating, cause we don't like some of the evil aspects of the night. But who doesn't like some good clean fun with some awesome dressing up time?

She started the day in a shirt from her Aunt Nora that said "Who needs a costume when you're already a princess?" Then she changed into her ladybug costume for the Community Baptist Church's Fall Festival. We had a FUN time! She played some games and laughed at all the crazy costumes. Mark and I had fun too. You can't beat their food!

This shirt has a point....

Waving to her subjects
Mia and Mommy... does that make her the queen? lol :)

Aaaahhhh! Attack of the giant ladybugs!

Cutest. Ladybug. Ever.
Trying to snap? Summoning her servants?