Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Haircut

I'm trying to catch up on some big Mia things. There will be more Micah pictures soon, I promise!
So on March 14, 2009 at 27 months Mia had her first haircut. It's amazing we were able to go that long! But her hair just grew in a very nice shape. Honestly, it has looked like we've always cut it, what a lucky girl. I'm not thinking Micah's old-man-receding-hairline hairdo is going to do the same. Sad.

But, alas, her hair was getting quite scraggly and she had an important event coming up, so we had to make the first cut. She was so brave and sat very still the whole time. She even let Cassandra blow-dry her hair! Her hair style is exactly the same, just a bit healthier.

The before

So excited to be sitting in the big chair!

First cut

Loving the after-styled look.

Side-view of the "flip"

Back-view. Maybe I'm biased, but I think her hair is gorgeous.

Micah was there, too. She was underwhelmed, at best. Or maybe she was just embarrassed that she was still in her PJs?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jesus Loves Me

You talk. And you talk. You talk, talk, talk about being kind. About helping each other. About Jesus and God. About doing to other what you would have them do to you. Being a great big sister. How much Jesus loves us... etc, and so on and so forth*.

There are so many days I wonder if it's all for me. If it's just me talking to hear myself speak or because I don't get enough adult conversation during the day. And then this happens and you realize... she really is listening. And more than that she's getting it.

Thank you, Lord.

The words might be a bit hard to understand, but Mia is singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Micah... a song she likes to be sung to her when she's feeing sad or sick. What you don't know is that this particular day, Micah had a little cold. Mia was trying to help her feel better.

PS -- I love that Micah gets bored about half-way through and looks the other direction. Ha! Stinker.

* Gotta love a Canoy throw-back.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Before Micah was born we were a bit worried to see how Mia would react to her... the little squeaking thing that has all of a sudden taken all of Mommy's time, attention, and energy.

We really shouldn't have worried so much about that.

Honestly, the problem we've had is Mia loving on her TOO much. Sure, we have our moments where Mia is upset because we can't do something for or with her, but she's angry with us, not Micah. She wants to love and hug on her all day. She talks to her and tries to help her feel better when she's upset.

Just yesterday, they were both up on the counter while I was trying to get some meat marinating. Mia was showing me an ouchie on her arm and Micah was looking at the lights in the kitchen (they are apparently quite cool). Micah started fussing and Mia went into her dialog to help her feel better, "It's okay, Micah. It's okay. Mommy making dinner, Micah. We need to eat. Mia has an ouchie on my arm, Micah. It's okay."
So sweet. Not as effective as she hoped, but sweet nonetheless. :)

blurry, but sweet
Mia kiss her? all day long!

She loves to do tummy time with her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So wise

So many of you know that Mia loves Dora. It's a nice little deal we have where Mia gets to watch 30 minutes of TV and I get to a.) take a shower b.) clean the house c.) stare off into space or d.) all of the above. Love.

Anyway, in Dora there is a "bad guy" (and I use that term quite loosely) named Swiper the Fox. His main goal in life, apparently, is to swipe people's stuff. No good reason given, just likes to steal. You stop him by saying "Swiper, no swiping!" three times. He says, "Oh man" and everything goes back to normal.

So that's the backstory.

The other day Mia was playing in her room with Mark and me. They were about to make a fabulous train track when Mia decided she needed to share her toys with Swiper, who was hanging out in the living room. She made several trips with different toys before announcing:

"If you share with Swiper, he doesn't need to swipe your stuff."

Wow. I wonder why Dora hadn't thought of that...

Today she's been carrying "Swiper" around in her hand and sharing all her toys and showing him her puzzles. She declares that Swiper is nice now.

That's pretty smart, Mia. And quite compassionate. Her big and loving heart amazes and humbles me sometimes.

PS -- we never mentioned this to Mia. Honestly, neither me nor Mark had thought that the way to solve all Swipers problems was merely to share with him. And I have a psychology degree. Way to show me up, kiddo.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Micah's one month!

Or she was almost a month ago... ah well, here's her stats anyhow.

Height: 22 inches (75-90%)
Weight: 9lbs 10oz (50-75%)
Head: 39cm (75%)
Which: Wow! She was born at 18.5 inches (which was probably closer to 20, but still!)!
And she left the hospital at 6lbs 8oz. That's over 3 pounds in one month! Go Micah!
And she has a big head. Who would have guessed? She didn't get that one from me. But yay! We'll share hats.
I'll try to take pictures every month. Here's her first and a comparison to at birth.

She's about 1 week here and still wearing preemie clothes.

1 month. Chillin on the couch

This growing business is hard work, yo.