Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Working at the Car Wash, Yeah

We took advantage of some warm days to (play in the water) wash Mark's car. Mia, being the big helper that she is, wanted to get in on the action.

oooo, this car is dirty.

Heee! Water!

Close inspection of the puddle. Puddles rock.

Got to get some soap and water.

Look! Bubbles!

Working on the hubcaps.

Doing the detail work.

Blech, that car made my hands dirty.

Cleaning the car is fun! I'm a big helper!

Edible Paint

Mia loves to paint and draw... but she's still at the point where she likes to eat everything -- crayons and anything paint-like. So, in a flash of brilliance, we decided to use yogurt for fingerpaint. LOVE.

The artist in action A closeup of the masterpieceSlimy and fun!Oh yeah, its good to eat, too.

Hair Do? Or Hair Don't...

How do you make a Mia happy? Why, put Mommy's clip in her hair!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Aaaaah! My hair looks awesome!

Haha! You have no clip!

Mommy & Mia with crazy hair.