Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Connections

Wow. Lately, Mia has really been making connections in her world. She's able to point out different objects and animals in her books (rabbits, owl, bee, spider, bear, elephant, clock, and etc). And when we come to an object that we have in our house she points very excitedly toward that item. For example -- if we find a horse, she points to her rocking horse. Clock -- to our clock on the wall. Spoon -- to the kitchen, etc.

She's also finding some different ways to communicate her needs and wants. When she wants something to eat, she'll go to the fridge and point. "mmmmm," she says. She asks for juice now when she's thirsty, even when its really milk she wants. She's working on "milk" but she usually says "mama". Smart girl, since milk came from her mama for the first year of her life.

But the thing she communicates most is to go outside. To do this, she goes and bangs on the door. If you say anything other than "yes! right now!" she collapses into the door and cries like you just took away her best friend. Even if its, "Yes, lets get your shoes." *Sob*

Its so hard being 1.

She's gotten really funny, too. She'll "talk" and babble and then just laugh. She's telling some funny stories, we just can't understand them. Bummer. We have some videos, but they are currently hiding out in the camera. I'll post them soon.

Crazy to think how far she's come in a year. And where she'll be next year. This parenting thing is certainly a fun ride!

Monday, January 21, 2008

You Know Your Husband is Cheap When...

I'm totally stealing this from Amanda Carroll, but its just too good to pass up.

These were Mark's firsts words to make when playing with Mia's magnetic letters.

Yup, Think Cheap Now.

And possibly a little OCD? Maybe?

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'll do it myself!

Mia has become really independent these days (become? These days? Yeah... haha. She's been independent since day 1).

Anyway... We've been letting her learn to use the spoon. Its been reeaaallly messy, but fun. Here's a fun new video of Mia using the spoon for the first time.


We have to spell "H-A-I-R" because if you say the word, she automatically touches her hair.

Oh, and yes, she did get some in her hair. Though, not as much as I expected.

This is so much easier!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Language Emerges

Mia's language has been really blossoming lately. Its so fun to watch her try to talk. She's hungry for knowledge and really wanting to label everything. From the moment she gets up until she goes to bed, she's pointing at everything, waiting for us to tell her its name. It's crazy. She's getting to be such a big girl.

Here are the words she can say now:

Dada, dog, down, choo-choo, juice (which is strange, cause she rarely gets juice), cheese, shoes, tree, truck, Granddad, church, stick, and can make an elephant sound. Though it sounds like she's blowing raspberries, but that's not the point.

* Edited to add -- Duck! How could I forget duck?

Did I miss any?

Strangely, she won't say Mama, eat, or drink. The three words that would be most helpful.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Okay, forgetting that it's January already... here's our Christmas post!

We had a fabulous time. Mia had more fun opening her presents this year (as opposed to last year, when she either slept or cried, lol) and she had so much fun hanging out with everyone. Mark and I have been so blessed with amazing family and friends who made this Christmas amazing. Possibly the best ever.

We talked a lot this year about how amazing Christmas is. Usually, Easter is the more focused-on Christian holiday. As it should be, given that's when Jesus died for us. But really... look at what happened at Christmas. A virgin birth. Mary not being stoned for being in her "condition." The King of Kings being born in a manger... showing that he's the "every man" king. Being rescued from a maniac king. A star shining brightly, leading Magi to the manger. Shepherds being greeted by angels. Talk about miracles. You can't write a story like that. You know its God working when so many miracles come together at once. It always makes me marvel at the awesomeness of God.

But anyway... on to what you really came here for -- Pictures!

(dude, if you only knew how hard it was to choose only a handful...)

Whatever Grampy is saying... Mia thinks its pretty funny!

Mommy, can I open my presents now, please?

Cloe, this is the sound an elephant makes.... *insert elephant-like noise here*

Mia loooooved the fact that her legos included a present. A present in a present! You can open it all the time!

Grammy & her girls

Chillin' at Momo's. Best seat in the house (she's not spoiled at all, is she?).

The girls at Nonnie & Granddad's. Abby and I didn't get the memo as to which camera to look.

Mia is just about done...

Mia caught her second wind (or third, or fourth).

Wee! A butterfly! In a book! It doesn't get much better than that.

Yay! Plastic fruit! Can you open this, please?

Rubber ducks are the best!

The hippo laughs! Just like me! That's the funniest thing I've seen all day!

Forget the ABC book... look I have paper!

Heh, a Zebra that bounces and spins! Fun!

Christmas is the best ever!

Christmas 2007