Thursday, February 26, 2009

A day in the life...

While I was nursing Micah, Mia was playing "pretend". Apparently she was pretending to be me. This is her idea of what I do:

* First she fed and burped her baby.
* Then she put the baby down in her swing and said, "I be back one minute baby. I go to dryer now"
* Gets clothes out of "dryer" and folds them.
* Baby wakes up and she gives it a bath, changes diaper, clothes, etc.
* Feeds baby and watches Oprah (which I have only done ONCE since Micah was born... weird).
* Puts baby down, fixes lunch
* Burps baby

Wow. I am really, really boring.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A blog about Micah

Micah is one month old! How is that even possible? This has been the fastest month of my entire life. I have to say that though the tiredness and everything it's been a pretty fantastic month. Micah likes to sleep and eat and drive Daddy crazy by taking awhile to go to sleep at night. She rarely cries. She loves to watch her big sister and her big sister loves her so much (maybe too much sometimes...).

All in all, things have gone pretty smoothly. We all would like a bit more sleep, but eh, it's a small price to pay. I honestly am amazed at the amount my heart has grown to include this wee one.

I have lots of catch-up to do on pictures. Here's a start:

Life can be so hard sometimes.

Happy in Daddy's arms

Headed home -- and showing off the present big sister Mia got for her.

Sisterly Love

Mia's World

Mia has been talking up a storm lately. When they say there is a language explosion, they really mean it. Some of the things she's been coming up with are really funny. I'll try to share some of them from time to time.

Scene: Mia and I were looking at a picture of a zebra
Mia: A zebra! Zebra running!
Me: Oh? Where is he running?
Mia: Granddads.
Me: Granddads?
Mia: Yes, Granddad needs zebra.

Scene: Mark, Mia and I were eating dinner and talking about kids.

Me: Hey Mia, who are Mommy's kids?
Mia: Mia!
Me: Who else?
Mia: (thinks for a minute) Daddy!

Scene: Mia and Daddy are playing Hide and Seek. Mark hides in the office and Mia finds him. Mia then goes to hide -- always in the SAME exact place that Mark hid.

Mark: Wheeeeere's Mia? Is she in the kitchen?
Mia: NO! In the office!
Mark: Hmm... not in the kitchen. Maybe she's in the bathroom!
Mia: No, in the office!
Mark: Oh no! Daddy can't find Mia! Where's Mia?
Mia: Daddy! Mia's in the office!

Obviously we need to help her understand the game a little more.

This one is a bit more serious. We've been talking a lot about praying and the things we can pray for (when someone's sick, something we're worried about, etc). Well one day Mia had an icky (kicky in Mia-ese) nose and I was explaining to her that we needed to not touch Micah's face or hands because we could get her sick. Here was her prayer before lunch:

Dear Lord, thank you for this day and this food. And please help baby Micah not get sick. Jesus name Amen!

Wow... that spoke volumes. She's really understanding it and putting it into practice.

Mia -- Our greatest prayer for you, sweet girl, is that you'll love God with all your heart and call on His name. You are obviously well on your way. We can't wait to see how you'll grow in the years to come.
Cheesin' after naptime

Helping her baby do "tummy time"