Saturday, March 6, 2010

*Crickets, crickets*

Hello readers!

Um... hello? Hellllooooo!

Oh, right. Yeah. If I was reading a blog that hadn't been updated since NOVEMBER I don't think I'd be checking in often either.

Sorry about that.

What's going on, you say?

Well... Not a lot. Mia turned 3. Micah turned 1. I realized that as much as I'd like, I am unable to slow life down. Time seems to be speeding up and these precious girls we have been blessed with are growing up at lightening speed. It's totally unfair.

And so, in that spirit, I have been trying to really look at what is most important for each day and only work on that, so as to spend more time with my girls. Laundry, dishes, and paying bills still seem to be here, as is my need to talk with others (aka, Facebook) blogging seems to have fallen way down on the list. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with these characters?

Oh the love.

Not sure why exactly she was using stickers at Micah's chair... I'm sure she was up to something.

Micah is, as usual, intense. Her love is intense. Her rage is intense. Her joy is intense.
So, as you can see, we've been busy. I hope to blog more. Make more time between everything else. I do love looking back at our older posts. Seeing the things that they've done. I don't want to lose that... so, here ya go. Posting. :)