Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mia funnies

Mia has exploded with her language and is quite funny these days! Here are some snippits of stories I hope you find funny. And pictures at the end, if you need to just scroll past all those words..


During the hurricane evacuation, we slept with a monitor on during the time we stayed at Nonnie & Granddad's. We normally don't do this, because she is a loud sleeper, but we found out some interesting things... like Mia talks in her sleep.

Or sings.

One night I was woken up to "D-d-d-d-d Dora! D-d-d-d-d Dora! Dora, Dora, Dora!"

And then snoring. She was asleep.


Recently, some neighbors gave us some plastic food that Mia loves. Mixed in was a My Little Pony and some bowls and cups and such. She has taken to feeding that pony every day. She takes two bowls and pours them back and forth. I finally let curiousity get the best of me and asked her what the pony was eating.



Mia is obsessed with trains. She cries when they leave. So to avoid this, I told her that kids in other towns wouldn't get to see the train if it stayed here. She totally didn't care about that. So, I told her that our friend Jax, who lives the next town away, wouldn't ever get to see the train.

So now, no matter what town or state we are in, trains that leave go to Jax's house.


Mia loves babies. She is especially loves our friend's baby, Leah. She now believes that the baby in Mommy's belly is Leah. We've tried to convince her otherwise, but she's adament. She maintains that position even when Leah is here. huh.

We do, actually, allow her sugar every once in awhile. We aren't completey mean! Here's the aftermath of a Hershey Minatures.

Yay! Sugar! num, num, num!

Oh, sugar crash, I feel you already.

By Popular Demand

Okay, for some reason people want to see belly pictures. Here you go! I admit we haven't been that good about taking pictures... we usually get one in every 2 weeks or so. I have more, but they are on our camera. Of course.

22 weeks (and yes, about 4 weeks ago...)

FAQs about this pregnancy:

Q. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?
A. No, we didn't find out. We'll see in January (or February if this child is comfy).

Q. Come on! You must know!
A. No, we really don't.

Q. Will you continue with the "M" theme?
A. Not necessarily. We didn't quite mean to start it, we just really liked the name Mia. We will choose names that we like, regardless if they are M's or not. I know, I know, therapy forever, but I'm sure the child will recover.

Q. So... what are the names?
A. As with Mia, we aren't telling. We are open to suggestions, but mostly nod and smile for all of them, so don't get your hopes up or feelings hurt.

Q. Why Marble?
A. So, since we may not continue with the "M" theme when it comes to names, we decided to give this kid an M nickname. It continues with the bread theme we set up with Mia (ya know, bun in the oven? ha? no?). And it's cute.

Q. How is Mia handling everything?
A. Well, she knows that there is a baby in Mommy's belly. And she loves babies. Maybe too much? We read her a lot of books and talk about it a lot, but I'm not sure she knows that this baby will come out eventually and will stay around. (And cry.) The scariest thing, though, is that she's quite attached to Daddy and does NOT like it if he holds any other child. That could get interesting. I think she'll do okay, though.

Q. Are you still dancing?
A. Yes, and will most likely through 34 weeks (out of 40) when we break for Christmas. My doctor says it is fine. Yes, he knows I'm jumping. The baby is well protected in there. And, I danced until 36 weeks with Mia and she's okay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The week before...

So, the week before Ike was one of those crazy weeks where you wonder what else in the world could happen. Oh, yeah, a hurricane! Here's a rundown...

Monday: Oh crap! Big storm. Cancel dance classes Tuesday-Friday. Doom, destruction, woe!

Tuesday morning: Oh, storm going to Brownsville! How silly, we are fine. la la la, let's forget about watching the news.

Tuesday afternoon: What?! Storm moved north? Like, here? Why? Stupid Ike. Start watching news again...

Tuesday evening: Car crash (a whole other story). Car crunched. In Mia's words, "Mommy, honk, honk, boom!" Not my fault. Everyone was fine, though. Except poor Viv the Vue.

Wednesday: Need to evacuate. Start preparing house. Argue with insurance, can't get a rental until late Wednesday (which was too late). Prepare house some more. Deal with whiny child. Prepare house. Figure out which belongings we don't want blown away. Pack clothes. Do laundry. Pack food... etc, etc, etc. Borrow truck from friends to evacuate (Thanks guys!).

Wednesday night: Leave around 8pm. Get to Austin around 12am. Sleep, for goodness sake.

Thursday: Get pulled over by cop because of expired inspection (as in almost a year expired, which we were warned of before we borrowed said vehicle... they never got pulled over, we did. We're lucky!). Thankfully get a warning. Play at Zilker Park for awhile, buy groceries in unbelievably packed HEB. Unpack and watch The Weather Channel.

Friday: Go to get car inspected. Go to Jiffy Lube... car fails. Bad tires and low brake fluid. Get brake fluid. Wait 1.5 hours for tires at Discount Tire. Go back to Jiffy Lube, wait another 30-45 minutes (have Starbucks). Finally get legal car. Laugh at reports getting blown over by wind.

Saturday: Hurricane comes through. Carport falls on house.

Monday, October 6, 2008


2 blogs in one day! Aren't you special?

So, despite the frustration of having to leave our house and the anxiety of not knowing what will be left when we returned, we actually had quite a good time in Austin. A hurrication if you will. :)

Mia's makeshift table and chair
(and I can't figure out why this picture is flipped... it isn't in the original form. Help me out!)

Mmmm... Evacuation food. Canned green beans, frozen noodlely meaty stuff, and canned fruit of some variety. Classy.

Mia and Melissa waiting (almost 2 hours!) at Discount Tire. Mia is thrilled.

A choo-choo! A choo-choo!

Getting ready to ride the train at Zilker.

Anyplace with sand is alright with Mia.

Possibly the only time she's smiled while swaddled.

Dog's water = prime splashing location

Granddad's "Ducks" (swans, actually, but eh, close enough)

Mark's idea of playing: setting stuff on fire with Jared and getting very dirty.

Sand! Rocks! Love!

Extreme close-up of the cuteness

Belated update

So obviously we are home. I never updated you... I thought I did, but the archives don't lie, do they?

We got power back late in the afternoon on Wednesday, September 24th and "moved" back into our house on September 25th (a birthday present for Eileen?). We left our house on September 10th. So it had been 2 weeks + 1 day since we left. Crazy.

Mia was anxious to get back to her house and her bed. Throughout the two weeks she kept asking, "Mia's house?" and then when we got back and the power hadn't yet been restored she'd walk around saying, "Mia's house broke. Lights broke, ice broke, tv broke..." Obviously, she was trying to process everything that was going on.

But, we are thankful beyond words that we are able to get back to normal. There are so many people that are still living in hotels or finding other houses because their house was damaged... or simply gone.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Texas Swimming Pool

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a cattle trough*?

A personal pool? Awesome!

Enjoying the water

Cheesin' for the paparazzi

* The cattle trough had never been used and was clean. We wouldn't just throw her in a trough that cows had been using!