Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!

Mia had a great first Easter. It was crazy busy, as usual, but she really did great.

She wasn't too sure what all the fuss was about, really. Or why so many people were at her house when she got home from church. Or why there was a quacking duck in a basket. It was all very confusing. But she likes the duck, thank you very much.

She was taking a nap during the Easter egg hunt. But she hunted one egg at Mom's group last week, so all is well.

Mark and I had a new appreciation for Easter this year. We've always been grateful for God for the gift of His Son. And to Jesus for His sacrifice, especially after watching The Passion. But we couldn't really put ourselves in God's shoes until this year. Until we had Mia. Could I imagine watching Mia be tortured? No. Could I imagine sending Mia to a gruesome death even if it would save my other children? Nope.

But, then, I'm not God.

I can understand now what he must have been feeling. The anguish. The desire to help your child, but realizing that you can't. Knowing that this is good for all, but wishing you could do something different.

So I give thanks to God today. For being willing to send His Son. For loving me as a child. For not giving up on me.

*Easter pics up soon... they are trapped in the camera. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

4 months in pictures

Just born
One month
Two months

Three Months

Four months


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How do you pronounce "Mia"?
A: Its Meeee-ah. Think "Princess Diaries" or Mia Farrow.

Q: How did you come up with the name "Mia Joy"?
A: We liked the name Mia. Joy is Melissa's middle name. With "Davenport" we thought the name should be short, or the poor kid would never get to go to recess.

Q: What was the boy's name?
A: Still a secret. Sorry. Its a very meaningful name to us, and we will use it if we have a boy. If, in the end, we are done with kids and have all girls, we will reveal it.

Q: Will you have more kids?
A: Now that the colic is over, yes.

Q: OMG, really?!! When?!!!
A: When I can string together sentences again in a logical fashion. Or in several years. Whichever.

Q: How long will you breastfeed?
A: A year. Or when Mia tires of it and weans. Whichever comes first. Though with her hatred of bottles, my bet is on a year.

Q: How does Mia sleep?
A: Really good for Mia. Not so good for other kids. Sometimes we get several hours at night, sometimes not. Usually, we get about 40 minutes - 1 hour during the day.

Q: What is Chrysalis and Emmaus anyway?
A: Chrysalis and Emmaus... its a three-day spiritual journey. Think of it as Christianity 101. Its for any denomination. Chrysalis is the youth version, and Emmaus is for adults. If you are interested in more information or would like to go on one... just let us know!

Q: What kind of dance do you do?
A: I take ballet and jazz. I can also tap and do modern, but I try to limit my classes. I'll be teaching ballet, pre-ballet, and tap next year.

Q: Is Mia the cutest baby in the world?
A: Why, yes, yes she is. Thanks for asking!

Monday, April 2, 2007

4 Months

Not sure how it happened, but Mia turned 4 months last Thursday. Here's her stats from her appointment:

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces

Everything looks great, according to Dr. B.

Here's some of the things Mia can do now:

* Roll tummy to back
* Grab things with her hands, bring them to her mouth
* Switch things from right to left hand
* Hold her head up at 90 degrees while on her tummy
* "Scoot" from one end of the blanket to the other
* has slept through the night... but she makes sure this isn't a habit. lol
* Smiles and laughs
* "talks" all the time! She's discovering her voice... and she likes it.
* Blow raspberries
And many other things I'm probably forgetting! lol

4 Months... Am I cute or what?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

All the cool kids are doing it

So... after 4 months of trying to update everyone by email, phone, in person, we realize something...

We can't keep up!

So we cave. We now have a blog. :o)

Plus, its the "cool" thing to do, right? We so don't want to be left out.

We'll update on all our adventures here - from Mark's job, to Melissa's dance classes (teaching and taking), to Mia's milestones. And we'll throw in lots of pictures, for you Mia junkies.

Check back often... there's more to come!