Monday, October 12, 2009

Stuff to say

So it seems that I often have these musings, realizations, and thoughts throughout the day, with no real outlet to get them out. My 2-year-old and 8-month-old aren't too interested in Mommy's random thoughts as much as when I'm going to give them their respected beverages. Mark often says that I don't get enough of my quota of words out during the day and he's assaulted with the leftovers in the few precious hours we have together at night.

So, to help with both these issues, I'm thinking of writing here every once in awhile. Anyone opposed to that? Leave a comment with your thoughts...

So here's the first installment in Melissa's Musings.

Today I was working out with Jillian (i.e. I was doing the 30 Day Shred) and during one of the exercises she makes a comment (that goes something like this, because I can't remember exactly):

"When it starts getting uncomfortable, that's when it matters most."

And I started to think about true that is. Not just in exercising but for life in general. I think back to all the times where I was just plain uncomfortable and it seems that's where the most good came out of my life. Where I grew the most and became closer to God.

Moving away to a college where I only knew one person was uncomfortable. But without moving to UT and joining Phi Lamb I wouldn't have the relationship with God that I have today (or possibly any relationship with God).

Our first year of marriage was uncomfortable. Quite uncomfortable. But the foundation of fighting through the rough periods brought us to a place where we know each other deeply. We realized what it really means that love is a choice. We learned how to interact, communicate, and how to fight. We learned how to love the other person in the way they needed to be loved.

Colic was uncomfortable. There are no words. But, in some weird way, I think it made me a better parent. It gave me patience (that I greatly need right now as I still find myself running out). It gave me a frame of reference to what bad days really are (at least she isn't screaming at us all the time). And I really understood unconditional love... because I loved this kid, no matter how many hours the screaming went on.

Obstructive sleep apnea + a newborn was uncomfortable. But God, did I learn about myself. I learned to let people help me. I learned that I am not superwoman. I learned that sleep really is kinda important (imagine that!) . I learned that I don't have to go it alone. That God is there for me but so are so many other people. And to just get over myself, already. And also that I hallucinate when severely sleep deprived.

So... are you in a position that feels uncomfortable? Hang in there. It will be one of those times that matters the most. Look for the blessings and the lessons. Cling to God's promises, because even if it doesn't feel like it at the time, He's there. Looking back at all these uncomfortable times in my life, I can see God in every one of them. Whether He was just holding my hand and getting me through or pushing me past the point I thought I could endure.

You gotta be uncomfortable sometimes to see real results.

Miss Sassypants

So lately Mia has become quite the sassy girl. I'm not sure who she thinks her mama is, but it's not going over well. Though... I have to admit some of the things she comes up with are quite funny. Here's some of the latest. And yes, these are all real quotes.

Mia: NO! YOU are the kid and I am the adult! You sit in the car seat and I'll drive and then we will NOT leave the zoo.

Mia: Mommy! The sun is up! It's time to wake up!
Me: Mia, the rule is you stay in your room until your clock says 7.
Mia: Well, it's 7 somewhere.

Mia: Mommy! It's time to wake up! The sun is up. (sense a theme?)
Me: Mia, honey, it's completely dark in your room.
Mia: (goes and opens her closet door) Well, it's light now.

Me: So, Mia, what was your favorite part of dance class?
Mia: Um, Mommy? I'm on the phone here.
Me: Mia, that wasn't polite (blah blah blah)... and how was I supposed to know you were on the phone? You aren't holding a phone.
Mia: I'm on the bluetooth. So Granddad about those ducks...

At the zoo a helicopter flies overhead...
Random zoo guy: Hey kids! Did you see that airplane! Pretty cool, huh?!
Mia: (walking off, thankfully) *sigh* That wasn't an airplane, that was a helicopter.

Cute Mia

Crazy Mia... A ball for a hat! Craziness!

Sassy Mia mid-eyeroll