Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creativity Escapes Me

I need help, people. Much help...

We are wanting to change the name of our blog. We want to take our last name out of the title.

One problem, though:

I have no creativity left. None.

Do you have any suggestions? Help?



Laurie Heath said...

Our Growing House
Craziness Central
Help, We Are Being Overrun By Adorable Children

Shall I go on? ;-)

Heather said...

ours has each of our first initials. (www.bhivp.wordpress.com) i guess that doesn't work as well for you guys though, now that i've typed it out. duh. i've got nothing :(

Heather said...

You know the name is the hardest part! I am the least creative person - ever. I can't help you,but I can sympathize with you.

g+j said...

How about, "we grow big tonsils"

Well???? It's true, isn't it?? :)

Davenports said...

Keep them coming, please! We are lost.

Laurie -- I did very much like some of yours, but one was a bit too long. ;)

Heather -- Thanks. I believe I could give you a run for your money, though. ha!

Gina -- It would be interesting, no? And yes! We do, apparently. Ahhh, talent.

Davenports said...

Oh, and Heather -- MMMM? sounds like a very confused cooking blog. But I do like yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Special scripture phrases that mean a lot to your family? Name meanings? (Zia's and Zoe's names mean Light and Life which is where I got their blog name) Bread and Butter? (you know since you name your babies after bread :P) I will keep thinking...