Thursday, January 12, 2012


Or, possibly just some asked questions:

Q:  Where did you get the name Dean?  (OR, why didn't you use another M name?)
A:  Dean Mark was the name we had chosen if Mia had been a boy.  And if Micah had been a boy.  So, it's been around for awhile.  The middle name is obvious.  Dean came from a good friend of the family that passed away a few years ago.  You see, Mark's grandfathers both passed away when he was quite young and he doesn't remember them.  Dean was the guy that filled in those roles.  He was the guy that was with Mark when he shot his first deer.  He was the one that liked to tease and have fun with him.  He was a fantastically wonderful man.  We miss him.

Q:  How is it having a boy?
A:  It's great.  We feel more than blessed.  So far, other than the obvious fast diaper changes, it hasn't been too different.  Dean is quite the flexible, happy baby, but I think that's more to do with his third child status than being a boy.

Q:  How is Austin?  What are you doing there?
A:  Austin is wonderful.  We are so thankful God has brought us here.  We are working on God's team to bring God's name to Austin.  Starting in our neighborhoods first.  We are trying to meet all our neighbors and form  relationships as well as enjoy our missional community.  A missional community is a group of people intentionally living life together in order to know Jesus and make him known.  It's loving each other as Jesus would have us so that others will see His love.  We feel blessed to be partnered with God in this.

Q:  What does M(4) + D equal?
A:  I pray that it equals a family seeking to make God's name great.  I pray it equals love, obedience, service, and determination.

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